Packed and ready to go

Tomorrow is the big day...induction day! Mommy and Daddy will be going to the hospital at 4:30pm to get induced. We've got all of our bags packed and are ready for the big day. We can't wait to finally meet you after all of these months!




I felt your hiccups for the first time last night! I've read all about moms feeling their babies hiccup...but I always wondered what it would feel like and how you would know. They were little pulses and I could tell they were hiccups because they came at regular intervals. Daddy tried to scare you to get them to stop but that didn't work =) We are counting down the days until you arrive!



Dear Charlotte...

Yes, I'm actually calling you by your name early. Your mom has been in denial about it for a while...she just can't accept it yet. I hope you're liking the stories I've been reading to you because as you realize...the list of books is short and we're already rereading a couple of them!

Your room is waiting for you! Come on out...in a couple of weeks that is. =)



I Hope

I hope you get.....

Your dad's patience
Your mom's determination
Your auntie Bda's creativity
Your shushu Ka's politeness
Your shushu Mikey's playfulness
Your grandma Phillips' selflessness
Your grandpa Phillips' open-mindedness
Your nainai Ng's optimism
Your yeye Ng's foresight