Michael Jackson Reborn?

Charlotte has this new obsession. I find it a little odd...but I let her run with it. She likes to put socks on her hands. It all started when my aunt sent her a cute little valentine's dress and long knee high socks to go with it. One night after changing her into her PJ's, she grabbed the socks and put them on her hands. Then she got all giddy and started to sway her arms and dance. The other day she insisted that she wear them in the car on our way to the post office. Luckily for me, she took them off right before we went in. Otherwise I might have been a little embarrassed of my little toddler running around with socks on her hands.

Her very own hand puppets.



So Big!

Charlotte has finally figured out how to use her spoon. The only problem is that she uses it upside down. She seems to do everything backwards at first. When she first started flipping through her books, she would look at them upside down and flip through them left to right. Next up to master: the fork.


As requested by Uncle Ka

Notice her evil laugh. You would probably run too if you were a cat.

I apologize for the poor quality...the lighting in her room is bad due to her pretty chandelier =)


A Day of Baking

This past Sunday, while Charlotte and I were waiting for Daddy to come home from his week long TDY to California, we decided to try our hand at bread making. We attempted to make Whole Wheat Cinnamon Swirl Bread from a recipe I found on a blog. Charlotte was infatuated by the bread hook spinning in the mixer. Our attempts weren't the best as all the fillings sunk to the bottom of the pan as it baked, but we still managed to have fun.

Homemade bread.


Bath Friends

Meet "turta" and "du"...Charlotte's new bath friends. Actually they aren't really new, but Charlotte has just learned how to say their names. Sometimes she gets a little confused and grabs the duck when you ask her where the turtle is but we are still proud of her none the less. We have a blast giving her baths now. It is a great way to keep her confined in a smaller space so we can keep her attention for longer. Lately she has been very keen on helping pick up her bath toys and putting them in the net basket...even when she first gets in the bath tub. Silly rabbit!



If Charlotte had a doppelganger it would be "Boo" from Monster's Inc. Notice the striking resemblance...big brown eyes, adorable protruding belly, pig tails.



17 Months Old!

It is hard to fathom that in just one more month we will have a 1.5 year old baby. Charlotte is blossoming into a little person and it is so much fun to see what new things she learns everyday.

* The new words she has added to her vocabulary: cheese, eat, socks, book, milk
* If you tell her to give the kitties or dog a hug, she will rest her head on them. That is if they haven't run away by the time she gets to them
* She just learned how to sign for "please"
* She puts her hand over her mouth and makes "Indian" sounds
* She loves to carry around pens. She usually pulls them out of our flight suits
* She is in the "terrible two" phase and will throw temper tantrums. She will lay on the floor face down and cry...mostly if she wants to be held and you don't pick her up
* She refuses to give us kisses before going to bed if she is upset and doesn't want to go down for the night
* If you give her a napkin she will wipe her hands and face off. Then she will wipe the table
* She loves to talk on the phone and will go on a long rant...but only if no one is on the other end
* She likes to rub lotion on her hands or will mimic us if we are doing it



Apple of My Eye

I dread the car rides home from daycare. Charlotte is usually restless and the last thing she wants to do is ride in her car seat home. So I usually try diverting her attention with food. Food is usually the answer to everything! Yesterday on our way home I gave her a piece of cheese that was left over from my lunch. That was gone within minutes and Charlotte was back to her fussing routine. The only thing I had left in my bag was an apple. I took one look at it and handed it back to her...anything to keep my little baby content. She held it up fascinated by it, giggled, and then sunk her little teeth into it. Now instead of cries from the back seat, all I heard was "crunch, crunch, crunch!" We made it home and I was shocked by the amount of apple she had eaten. She carried the apple around with the rest of the evening and munched on it every chance she got.

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