C's New Years Resolution...

To start sleeping in her crib at night like a big girl.

Happy 2010 Everyone!


Happy Baby


Charlotte's 1st Christmas

Charlotte woke up bright and early this morning excited to see what Santa brought her for Christmas. She was a little bit on the naughty side, but Santa still left her some goodies. She got a jumper, a grocery bag with lots of fun jingly fruits & veggies, some bath toys, and a kitty stuffed animal.


Charlotte's new office

We finally brought out Charlotte's exersaucer and she loves it. Her feet just barely touch the ground but she likes the feeling of being a big girl and standing tall. Kayu and I like to joke that it is her office since she looks so busy at work while she is in it.

Charlotte and Cooper finally meet in person!

Charlotte and Cooper had a few encounters on iChat, but on December 16th, they finally met in person! They didn't exactly jump for joy when they saw each other like their parents did, but there certainly was some chemistry between the two of them =) We found out that they share one of the same hobbies...sucking on their fingers. If this isn't a match made in heaven, I don't know what is.

Home for the Holidays

Right before Christmas, Mommy and Charlotte boarded a plane for Michigan. It was Charlotte's first plane ride and she did exceptionally well. She slept during take off and landing and was a happy baby in between. While in Michigan, she got nothing but love and attention from all of her relatives.


3 Months Old!

IMG_5747, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.

Little Ms. C is three months old now. She is smiles all the time when Mommy and Daddy walk in the room. She has also started reaching for things and has pretty good control of her head. Before we know it she will be crawling.


C's first visit to the library

We took Charlotte to the library today! She was a little too sleepy to really enjoy it but we did pick up some good reads.


WHOA Nelly!

Look at those chipmunk cheeks. She must be storing a lot of milk in them =)

Happy Turkey Day!

Charlotte was very thankful that she got to spend Thanksgiving with her Grandma Ng this year. And she is glad that she has such a wonderful daddy that makes her delicious food (that she gets through mommy's milk)!



Dear Michigan,

We have tried to be good fans. Waking up on Saturdays and dressing in our maize and blue. Even when you fumbled the ball or threw the ball directly to the opposing team, we still stayed true. We aren't sure how long we can go on like this. I guess there is always next year.

the Ng Fam


Shake it Baby Shake it!

Starring Charlotte Lian

Shake it Baby, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.


C found her thumb!

IMG_5490, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.

Lately Charlotte has been busy sucking on her fist (more like slobbering on her fist). We are impressed with her hand eye coordination. Today she impressed us even further by sucking on just her thumb!


Uncle Ka is the Best!

Charlotte is one spoiled little baby! We got a package in the mail today from Uncle Ka. He sent her all these books with the stuffed animals to go along with them. So when we read her "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" she will be able to play with her stuffed animal at the same time. Thanks Uncle Ka!

Cat Naps

When Aunt Vicki was in town watching Charlotte during the day, she commented that C likes to take cat naps. We think it is only appropriate since she is surrounded by two lazy cats =)


Jingle Baby

Grandma Ng bought C these cute little bell bracelets. She said they are popular with Chinese babies. They wear them to let the parents know when the baby wakes up from sleeping. I told Aunt Vicki about them and she said we shouldn't have to worry about them since Charlotte never sleeps in her crib (c-bed). tsk! tsk! C seemed to enjoy wearing them and listening to the jingling sound.

Two Month Check-up

Charlotte had her two month appointment today. She weighed in at 10lbs 15oz...which is 5lbs more than her birth weight. Daddy and I took bets on how much she would weigh. Daddy guessed 10lbs 13oz and mommy guessed 10lbs 6oz. I should have known to guess more with how much she eats! She is in the 67 percentile for weight. She was just over 22 inches long and is in the 75 percentile for height. We are hoping she is going to be as tall as her Auntie Bda!


Two Months Old Today!

IMG_5376, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.

Ms. Charlotte is two months old today! Sometimes it is hard to believe that we have only had her for two months since it feels like she has been in our lives forever. It is so crazy how much they change in two months. We love how she smiles more frequently at us. And I am pretty sure she is going to grow up to be a little diva from what her personality has shown us so far.



We picked up Grandma Ng from the airport today. It was the cutest thing when C looked up at her grandma spellbound.

IMG_4661, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.


Happy Halloween!

IMG_5357, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.

Mommy debated on getting Charlotte a costume for Halloween since we have to take Aunt Vicki to the airport and pick up Grandma Ng on Halloween. But since it is Mommy's favorite holiday and Daddy had a Halloween party at work....she just couldn't resist! Charlotte was quite the hit there and the commander's wife said she is going to have to include her picture in the newsletter.


7 Weeks Old Today!

BOO! Did she scare you?


Woo Hoo!

Charlotte got a new toy today. If it was up to daddy, Charlotte would be playing in cardboard boxes and paper bags with the kitties. But mommy insisted that it was a must for Charlotte's development.

IMG_5276, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.


Pumkin Seeds, Caramel Apples, & Candy Corn. Oh My!

Look what Charlotte carved! Okay, maybe Daddy helped just a little bit.

IMG_5249, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.


Little Bunny FuFu

Charlotte took a bath with mommy today. She was quite the buoyant baby with that round tummy. Mommy worked on having her kick her legs in the water (teaching swim lessons is now coming handy). Pretty soon she will be doing the backstroke all on her own =)


6 Weeks Old Today!

That's right...our little pumpkin is 6 weeks old. We can't believe it either. And she is tipping the scale at 9lb 4oz!


The good and the bad.

Mommy thought she would post an unhappy picture of Charlotte since after all...this is a blog. And it should include the good, the bad, and the ugly. I tried to tell her that if she kept making faces like this, it would freeze. But she didn't listen!

IMG_5178, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.


Look Dad...No Hands

Charlotte has been working her neck muscles really hard lately trying to steady her big noggin. And she is even working on standing on her own. My she is a fast learner!

IMG_5169, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.

Flower Child

Why is there a flower growing out of my head?

IMG_5136, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.


Snowman Fam

Ms. Charlotte sat in her swing watching out the window as her mommy and daddy braved the cold to make a snowman family. As you can see...baby snowman is on the left, momma snowman is in the middle, and daddy snowman is on the right.

Baby It's Cold Outside

A foot of snow. Can you believe that?! It is only the beginning of October and we have already gotten a foot of snow =( Kayu put on Charlotte's snow outfit this morning. As you can tell, she is swimming in it because it is for a 6 month old. It totally reminds me of the movie "A Christmas Story" when the mom puts Ralphie's brother in that massive snow suit and he can barely move.