Kayu has been hard at work trying to finish the deck before we leave {nothing like waiting until the very last minute}.  Charlotte can usually be found out there supervising or jumping on her trampoline.  Yesterday, I spotted her building on her own.  I love her little imagination.

deck2 deck


Kayu is home!

He was the first to get off the plane and Charlotte welcomed him home with a big warm hug.  Her faced beamed from ear to ear.  She hasn't left his side since he got home.

kayuhome3 kayuhome2 kayuhome5




Charlotte has discovered the moon roof in my car.  When we are driving she will tell me to "open the sky."  

When driving, I occasionally get annoyed with other drives and say bad words.  Charlotte responds with, "okay mommy?"  Apparently she picks up on my frustration.

Today she found her clam shell toy that you click to make music.  It must have looked like the face paint that the lady used on her face last week because she was sticking her finder in the groves and then pretending to paint my face.