Little Leaf

Charlotte has never been much of a walker. She would much rather be carried like a royal highness. Lately, to encourage her to walk more, we have been putting her in between us and letting her hold on to our fingers. It seems to work.
Today we stopped by the taste of Ft Collins and she found this little leaf while we were hanging out in the grass. She grew very attached to it and brought it back with us on our walk. She was determined to carry it and hold on to Daddy's hand. So she scrunched it up in her little hands and carried it tight while gripping onto Daddy's hand at the same time.


21 Months Old

The latest and greatest....
  • When you sneeze she say "bless you" She even does it when Fergi sneezes
  • If she sees a picture of herself, she points and says "baby"
  • She likes to pretend play...feeding her baby and playing with dishes
  • Shoes are a thing of the past. The moment she gets in the car, they are off of her feet
  • When she blows kisses she makes a smooching sound
  • She shrugs her shoulders a lot when you ask her a question
  • She seems to enjoy spicy food. She kept dipping her chip into salsa at a Mexican restaurant. Even I thought it was spicy but I guess that doesn't say much
  • She likes to lay on the stairs
  • She calls her blankie "dee dee"
  • If you ask her what color something is she always responds "blue"


Too cool for school.