C's New Years Resolution...

To start sleeping in her crib at night like a big girl.

Happy 2010 Everyone!


Happy Baby


Charlotte's 1st Christmas

Charlotte woke up bright and early this morning excited to see what Santa brought her for Christmas. She was a little bit on the naughty side, but Santa still left her some goodies. She got a jumper, a grocery bag with lots of fun jingly fruits & veggies, some bath toys, and a kitty stuffed animal.


Charlotte's new office

We finally brought out Charlotte's exersaucer and she loves it. Her feet just barely touch the ground but she likes the feeling of being a big girl and standing tall. Kayu and I like to joke that it is her office since she looks so busy at work while she is in it.

Charlotte and Cooper finally meet in person!

Charlotte and Cooper had a few encounters on iChat, but on December 16th, they finally met in person! They didn't exactly jump for joy when they saw each other like their parents did, but there certainly was some chemistry between the two of them =) We found out that they share one of the same hobbies...sucking on their fingers. If this isn't a match made in heaven, I don't know what is.

Home for the Holidays

Right before Christmas, Mommy and Charlotte boarded a plane for Michigan. It was Charlotte's first plane ride and she did exceptionally well. She slept during take off and landing and was a happy baby in between. While in Michigan, she got nothing but love and attention from all of her relatives.


3 Months Old!

IMG_5747, originally uploaded by kayuandshannon.

Little Ms. C is three months old now. She is smiles all the time when Mommy and Daddy walk in the room. She has also started reaching for things and has pretty good control of her head. Before we know it she will be crawling.