Runaway Toddler

Charlotte has been very into her suitcase lately.  Last week she wanted to take it in the car with us when we were running errands.  Then when we would stop she wanted to drag it behind her.  I couldn't help but laugh thinking people would probably think we were homeless. suitcase  
  suitcase2 suitcase3 
You know she isn't messing around when she packs "dee dee"

I don't want to forget these moments

I was finally able to capture Charlotte's version of taking pictures with her hand camera


Airport encounters

Last month C and I went out to LA to visit my sister and her fiance. We were heading out to the airport and I got an email that said that our flight back to Denver was delayed an hour an a half but to still check in as if it were on time. So frustrating. So we checked in and made our way to the gate. Turned out that our flight was over two hours delayed because our inbound plane was late. When I would look at the flight monitors, our gate kept changing. So I would gather the bathtub and the sink and move from one location to another. By the fourth gate change I went to the United costumer service to complain about it. As I was talking to the worker, she starts rubbing C's arm. And then she says, "oh, I hope you don't mind. I am rubbing her for good luck." I wanted to tell her that it was a little too late for that since she had already taken it upon herself to rub her arm. Did she think she was Buddah or something?

The hours passed and C was getting tired as was I. As we moved to the next gate, C was crying because I wasn't picking her up. So she started crying "my mommy, my mommy." Some lady from a completely different gate came over to approach us. She says "excuse me, is this your daughter?" As I probably rolled my eyes at her, I tell her yes. Then she looks over to C and says "is this your mommy?" C then looks at her like she is crazy and leans closer in to me. Then the lady explains that she heard C crying my mommy. I tell her I know and then she tells me sorry for wasting my time. If I was in fact kidnapping a toddler, why would I be sitting in the busiest area of the airport. I told my coworkers if that was the case, I would have been in the bathroom shaving her hair off. They told me that I had obviously thought too much about it.

On our way home from Sacramento this past week, the craziest cracked out lady sat next to us. We were very thankful for her because she distracted us during the terrifying turbulence. She would scream "Wooo, I love takeoffs. It reminds me of speeding down the highway in my Cadillac." She was so loud during the flight that the lady in front of her had to ask her to stop screaming in her ear.
I can't wait til I am an old lady and I can do crazy things and get away with it.


Jet Setter

Reading to baby on the plane.
Frequent flyer.
Checking out the plane.




Latest sayings...
"Oh my gosh"
"Thank you SO much"
"No way Jose"
The other day she was out on the deck playing with play-doh. I couldn't find the canister when she was done playing so I asked her where it was. Her response, "umm, let me see" as she helped me look around the deck for it.