We got an email from babycenter that stated....
Don't worry if your child doesn't say many words: A vocabulary of anywhere between ten and 50 words is normal for this stage of development.

Of course Daddy has to set high standards for Charlotte and wrote to me...
She better get cracking on those 50 words =)

So I compiled a list of all the words that I could think of that she says.

please*thank you*Charlotte*MOMMY*dADdY*baby*night night*head*eyes*NOSE*no*YES*bubbles*ONE*cheese*



Meet Snoopy Puppy. Charlotte picked him out just for Daddy and he traveled in a small confined box all the way from Wyoming to Afghanistan. Charlotte thought it would be nice if Daddy had something to hug and hold onto when he missed her. Now puppy gets to travel with Daddy when he flies. So far he has been to Kabul and Kandahar.

Mar 29, 2011
Puppy getting lots of love before he heads to Afghanistan.
World Class traveler.


19 Months Old

Charlotte is 19 months old today...hooray! She has been talking a lot more lately and repeats a lot of words that you say. She has even become a bit more independent and will walk and explore places on her own (usually she likes to be held). Here are some of the things she is up to....
* She loves closing bedroom doors
* She has discovered splashing in the bathtub and makes big waves in there
* She can say her name now =)
* She constantly plays peek-a-boo...she is a little attention hog
* She can say "one" and holds up one finger. We are still working on the rest of the numbers
* We have started implementing time outs on the stairs since she recently starting acting out and hitting
* "No" is the word of the month