Mommy Gave In...

All of the books and "experts" say you should wait a month to introduce the pacifier...but mommy gave in a bit early. We got tired of getting the life sucked out of our fingers. Kayu and I swear that if we had a cut on the finger that she sucked on...she would suck us dry. Our little vampire baby =)


Charlotte's First Hiking Trip

We packed up the car (which felt like the whole house) and ventured two hours into Colorado to Rocky Mt National Park with Grandma and Grandpa. We started off with a nice leisurely hike around Bear Lake. Charlotte slept most of the walk but every time we stopped to look around she would make some noise to let us know that she wanted us to keep on moving. We passed by an older gentleman who remarked "starting her off young, huh?" Hopefully this will be the first of many hikes that we will take Charlotte on.


Notice Any Similarities?

Kayu claims that Charlotte sleeps with her mouth open just like her mama. I don't know...this picture clearly states something different.


Three Weeks Old Today!

Our little munchkin is growing up way too fast. We weighed her using our high tech scale (kitchen scale + roasting pan) and she is up to 7 lbs 5 oz! Grandpa says she is catching up for lost time. You can tell those cheeks are filling out =) Now we are just waiting on the thighs.


Keeping Warm

Fall weather has kicked into full force here in Wyoming. There have been reports that it actually snowed here...luckily I didn't witness any of it. With all this cold weather, we have been bundling up little C to keep her warm.


Out and About

"We don't believe in strollers. It's like pushing your baby away from you."
(Away We Go)


Two Weeks Old Today!

Long Sleepless Nights

Charlotte must know when we want to go to bed. Yesterday she just got done with a feeding and it was 8pm. Kayu and I decided that we were going to rush to bed so we could get some rest before 11pm rolled around and she was ready for another feeding. Little Charlotte decided to put a halt to our plan. She had gotten plenty of sleep during the day and decided it was time to be wide awake.

Sometimes the best way to calm her down is to stick your finger in her mouth. She was letting her dad know that there was no way he was going to take his finger out anytime soon.

Little Houdini

We have a little Houdini on our hands. No matter how hard we try to swaddle little C with her hands down...with much persistence she always manages to get them free. This frustrates her daddy sometimes...so lately he has been swaddling her with her arms out. Looks like she is getting her way after all =)


Tummy Time

Belly Button

It was a monumental day in Charlotte's life yesterday. Her umbilical cord stub fell off! She now has a fresh cute belly button =) And since her hair was already covered in spit up milk, we decided it was the perfect time to give her a real bath. She seemed to enjoy taking a bath...everything but getting her hair washed.



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Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Charlotte's first bath at home

I am not going to lie. Charlotte did not enjoy her first bath at home....nor did she enjoy her first bath at the hospital. The nurse claimed that most babies liked their hair washed because at that point they were all bundled up. But not this little girl!


Charlotte's Boyfriend

They finally met each other on iChat. We are hoping that it is love at first sight.


Your Birth Story

On Monday, August 31st we were admitted to Poudre Valley Hospital to get induced. That afternoon, the doctor put a pill in me to thin out my cervix. Your dad and I hung out until the next morning. We woke up bright and early at 4am so they could start the pitocin. I was having contractions, but when the doctor checked me, I was still only a 1/2 centimeter dilated. The doctor later found out that I had some scar tissue on my cervix, which was why there wasn't any progress. We were concerned that we were going to have to have a c-section, but luckily one of the nurses suggested another option. That night, the doctor placed some cream in me and we started the pitocin again. It was a long night because I was hooked up to all the monitors and my blood pressure was taken every hour. Your healthy heartbeat kept us going the whole time though. On Wednesday, the doctor checked me and I was one centimeter dilated. We wanted to shout it from the roof tops we were so excited that we had made some progress. They upped the pitocin levels and at noon I went into true labor. The contractions weren't too bad at first, but suddenly they got very intense. At 1pm my water broke and that is where the "fun" started. I attempted to breathe through the contractions but then finally I gave in and had the epidural. And I must say it was one of the most delightful feeling in the world. After it was administered, my legs felt light and warm and there was a calmness that ran through me. I attempted to get some rest knowing that there was some hard work ahead of me. Around 8pm, they checked me and I had progressed to 6 centimeters. An hour later, I was already 9 centimeters and things had moved to full force. Before I knew it, I was ready to push. I started pushing around 10:15pm and you came out at 11:43pm. Dr. Skorberg even let me help pull you out....just as you were about to come out...she told me to reach down and pull you up to me. You were the most beautiful baby we had ever seen and you were worth the long three days we waited. You were just a wee little baby...weighing in at 5 lbs 15 oz. You were 19cm long. You had your dad's eyes and nose and your mom's mouth. The nurse that took care of you after you were delivered said that you were the baby that she wanted to care for =)

Happy Birthday Charlotte!