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Tomato mozzarella salad


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Flyfishing on the Little Red River

I will be the first to say that I am not what one would call a lucky fisherman. Shannon will definitely vouch for me on that one. When I found out that one of my simulator instructors here at Little Rock lives on the Little Red River and usually takes his students flyfishing, I couldn't pass up the chance to attempt to catch a couple of trout from the Little Red.

Jimmie lent me a pair of waders, a rather expensive flyrod along with plenty of instruction and off we went to the river. We went to a spot just a quarter mile down the road from his house and we were in business. I think he wanted to make sure I landed a fish no matter how bad the day went by letting me pull in his first bite. It was pretty cool to pull in a little rainbow trout on a flyrod. In the end, we caught 5 rainbows with a couple of escapees. We had to call it a day because the generators were on upstream and the water level was starting to come up pretty high.

After we had the 5 rainbows for lunch, Jimmie wasn't done yet. He invited me down to his dock, just to relax and chat. However, when he noticed that the people on the dock next door were fishing with no luck, in his words: "wait here, want to see how we can piss them off?". He went to get a couple of fishing poles and worms (he has more fishing poles than some outdoor stores). Within 10 mins, we landed a 17 inch brown trout. And sure enough, all we heard was: "wow, what heck? What are you using?!"


Missing Daddy

Kayu is currently in Little Rock doing his aircraft commander upgrade. People have asked me how Charlotte has been doing with Kayu gone and if I can tell if she misses him. At first I said "nah," she seems to be fine. But recently when she sees the phone she will want to talk to Daddy. And if Daddy doesn't pick up the phone, then she starts crying and it is hard to get her to calm down. She also will point to the iPad and want to skype with Daddy. So the answer is "yes," she definitely misses her Daddy. She jumps around, sticks out her tongue, dances, and acts silly when she see her Daddy.




We had made a visit to Cups on our last visit to San Diego, and since we loved it so much, we had to go back again and take the Mervyn's. They have the best homemade strawberry milk. So good that Kayu and I attempted to make some at home and failed miserably. The last visit, we made the mistake of only getting a small size. This time we went all out and got a large. And the cupcakes weren't too shabby either. Kayu got the Limone Ricotta and I got the Brulee-J.


Strawberry milk



We went out to San Diego in August to meet up with the fam. It was like a mini family reunion.
Asian beauties hitting the waves
Beach babe
Building sand castles
Grumpy pants doesn't like sand between her toes
Grumpy pants got very upset because she did not like having sand in between her toes
Cousins minus one
Matching headbands
A trip to California would not be complete without a visit to Disneyland
Walking down Main Street
Walking down Main Street
Everyone loves Pooh Bear except C
Charlotte was terrified of the characters
The exhaustion set in
The Mervyn fam
Teacups were a must
"horsie horsie"
Finally excited about riding the carousel
Parade down Main Street
The parade was a big hit. Lots of kisses and waves from Charlotte
Until next time!


Cute new things

At night, when I put Charlotte down for bed, she says "bye bye" and blows kisses. No crying either.

When I ask Charlotte if she can say I love you, she says "wuv you mommy." She adds the mommy part all by herself. It is the sweetest thing.

Tonight I asked her for a kiss before bed and she gave me one. She also pointed to Oliver and gave him a kiss too.

If you ask her how old she is, she will tell you 2! Jumping the gun just a little, but she will be all ready in a month.

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3 Years Ago Today...

Happy Anniversary Love!



My Other Baby

I have always dreamed of a lush garden. There is something so calming about going out in the evening and watering the plants. Now I know why my Grandma Phillips always enjoyed it so much. There is also something very fascinating about watching the different plants produce fruit. And there is nothing better than clipping the veggies of your plant and serving them on your plate the very same day for dinner. I have become so obsessive about the garden {I have to refrain from saying "my" garden since Kayu has done a lot of the work} that I once made Kayu run out in a massive hail storm to cover the plants. The hail was so harsh that Kayu came back into the house with swells on his back. But at least my plants were saved!

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Raspberry Honey Tapioca

I decided to try my hand at tapioca. I was a little weary at first because there was so much liquid. But after a good thirty minutes {and lots of patience}, the milk turned into a creamy custard. The lemon gives a light refreshing taste and pairs well with the raspberry.

Soak the tapioca in 1 cup / 240 ml of the milk in a medium, heavy saucepan for 30 – 60 minutes. Whisk in the yolks, salt, honey, and remaining milk.

Bring the mixture barely to a boil over medium-low heat, stirring. This will take about 15 minutes. Decrease the heat so the mixture gently simmers, stirring constantly, for another 20 minutes or until the tapioca is fully cooked (this depends on how large your tapioca pearls are.) The tapioca is fully cooked when the pearls swell up and are nearly translucent – tasting is the best way to tell. The pudding itself will also thicken into a custard. Continue to taste and stir, preventing the tapioca from scorching.

Remove the pan from the heat, stir in the lemon zest, then let the pudding cool (it will thicken a bit.) Top with raspberries and enjoy!

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I want

I miss those days when we used to go to the store and Charlotte would just lay there in her car seat wide eyed and content.

We saw a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal today and she recognized him. "Ichey" she said as she pointed to him. I gave in and let her hold and kiss him. Then I tried to sneak him back onto the shelf but she caught on and started crying.

Then we went to the running store and she started throwing the little soccer balls they had. When it was time to leave she threw a fit even though I told her she has the same mini soccer ball at home. One of the workers came to the rescue with a yellow balloon.



23 Months Old

This quite possibly could be the last "months" post. The little munchkin has outgrown babyhood and is in full force toddlerhood. Here is the latest...
  • She can now walk up stairs instead of crawling up them by herself as long as she has a wall or banister to hold on to
  • "Mine" is the word of choice
  • She can count to three on her own now
  • When Daddy says mouth and nose in Chinese she points to them
  • If we don't put shorts on her, she will take off her diaper at nap time which leads to regret

Little Man Ice Cream.

Already into coffee.