Baby in a Box

I came into the dining room/kitchen area to find Charlotte in her toy box. At the time, Aunt Vicki was in the kitchen washing the dishes, Kayu was on the computer doing the usual, and Samantha was playing with some toys. I asked them who put Charlotte in her toy box and they all looked around puzzled. Turns out no one was paying attention to the baby and she crawled in the box all by herself. It is still a mystery how she did it but we are hoping she does it again so we can witness it.



Splash Park

Summer is quickly slipping through my fingertips. It makes me want to cry but I will admit that I do enjoy the cool almost fall nights. One of the places on my "to visit" list this summer was the splash park. We enjoyed it for a brief twenty minutes before the sun decided to hide behind the clouds. I think Samantha got the most enjoyment there...because she dragged Aunt Vicki back in after she was nice and warm in her towel.

Aug 27, 20101


11 Months Old!

So putting food in front of a baby that spells a word and hoping that she won't mess with it is ludicrous. I thought maybe, just maybe, she would sit there and look cute so I could get a good 11 month picture. Who was I kidding?

Charlotte is always on the go now! She figured out how to pull herself to a stand. Last night I heard some commotion in her room after I put her down to bed. I didn't think anything of it. I went in later to check on her and her sleeping face was being illuminated by the baby monitor. She managed to pull it into her crib from the night stand. Next thing you know, she will be pulling the cats into the crib with her.

Charlotte is quite the talker now too. She mostly sings "mamamamama." If you try and get her to say "dada" she responds with "mamamama." I think it is rather funny. Kayu does not =)


First Movie

We took C to the movie theater for the first time last week to see Toy Story 3. Something about it being on base made me feel better about taking a fussy ten month old there. Sure enough, when we arrived, there was a ton of little hellions (I mean precious kids) running around the theater which eased my fears a little more. Charlotte enjoyed the five minute mini pixar movie and then her ADD kicked in. She was grabbing peoples stuff in the front of us and squirming around on my lap. I finally took her to the back of the theater where she proceeded to climb the stairs to get to the lighted steps. Most of the babies were fast asleep in their mothers arms but not this baby. It might be a couple of years before we go to the movies with Miss Charlotte again.