Family Pics

I wanted to get some family pictures done before Kayu deploys so last week we went down to sunny Ft Collins and got some family pictures taken by Amanda Forbes. Charlotte got to experience grass for the first time while we hung out at the Oval on CSU's campus. She wasn't one for smiles that day, but I think Amanda did a great job of capturing some awesome shots of her.


Do you see what I see?

A baby tooth sprouting from C's gums! Charlotte put up quite the struggle trying to get this picture of her tooth. Apparently she thinks that her teeth are a private matter =)


Tour De Cheyenne

We ordered a bike trailer for Charlotte and it came just in time to ride on a warm sunny day. I think C was a little frightened about going on a bike ride but before long the little girl was passed out. The bumps along the route helped soothe her to sleep. We did a 7.5 mile bike ride around Cheyenne. Mommy felt like a superstar zooming past Daddy who was pulling along the heavy trailer =)


7 Months Old!

Our little ray of sunshine is 7 months old today! These days she is constantly shaking her head no (oh Lord...we are in trouble!). She also is starting to try and scoot around on her belly to reach objects. Better start baby proofing the house stat!