Charlotte got to play on the big girl swings today. She was a little unsure at first but I think she liked it. She especially liked when I grabbed her feet and made funny faces as she got closer.

Daddy Doll

Even when Daddy is far away...we still have him close by. Until we get mad at him and decide to give the Daddy doll to Fergi to tear up. Just kidding!

I like her expression in this one. I think she is saying "My parents are silly! What do they want me to do with this?"


Pool Time!

Charlotte had a pool date with her new friend Jason. She wore her two piece bathing suit even though Daddy strongly objected =) Hee Hee. The things we can get away with when Daddy isn't here!


Baby On The Go

Charlotte has mastered the "Low Crawl" although I think she is a bit on the lazy side. If you put the object too far away, she will just lay there and stare at it.


8 Months Old!

This post is a little late but Charlotte is now 8 months old! Does anyone know of any magic potion to make her stop growing?! Or at least slow her down? Charlotte has the best laugh ever now. Her babysitter Brandy likes to call it a combination of laughing and a cat purring. I wish I could just bottle it up and listen to it forever. She is still working on crawling and has finally figured out her jumper. She only has the one tooth coming in and she makes the funniest faces feeling that tooth with her tongue.