Daddy's TDY

Mommy finally gave in and let Daddy go on a TDY like he has been begging to do all along. On this trip he went to Canada, Scotland, and arrived at his final destination in Germany. Mommy had one special request while he was in Germany and that was to bring back kinder eggs. He went above and beyond because he brought back a kinder egg maxi which is ten times the size of a regular kinder egg!

"DADDY! I want a golden egg and I want it NOW!!!"



Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Every year Grandma Phillips would make a special breakfast on V-day for Mommy and Auntie B. We even had special dishes to eat it on. This year was no exception for Charlotte....except she only got to admire her heart shaped pancakes, but next year I am sure she will be digging in.


First Food

Charlotte had real food for the first time last week! I don't know that she actually ate much of it since she is having a hard time figuring out how to swallow. Mommy read that avocados are a great first baby food. Some people claim that they are so nutritious that humans can live exclusively on them.



5 Months Old!

Charlotte is 5 months today...where does the time go? She is a full fledged crib sleeper now. Not many people (let alone babies) can say they followed through with their New Year's resolution...but Charlotte can =) And there is nothing that makes her mommy more happy than waking up in the morning and finding her cute lil' babe all smiles in her crib. We are still waiting for her to roll over. And for her sake I hope she does it fast before her daddy disowns her. Poor Charlotte...she is only five months and her father already has such high expectations of her.

**I thought I should note that the picture this month was all Daddy's idea. He does have a creative bone in his body!**