Me: Why did you not nap today?
Charlotte: Because
Me: Because why?
Charlotte: Because
Me: Because why?
Charlotte: Because Mommy!
Boo Boos from the park



Today in the car: Shannon! Kayu! giggle. giggle. C thinks it is hilarious to call us by our first names

The rough life of a single mom
Serious conversation
Cars aren't just for boys



Playing with a map.
Cherrio book
Another sunny glorious day. Charlotte and I went for a run after work. We had to through a couple of tunnels to get under the roads. We started yelling "hello!" to hear our voices echo. At the very end she would yell "hello daddy!" and laugh hysterically.

We skyped with Kayu this evening. He asked her to take a picture of him. She told him to wait so she could get her phone (the things kids pick up on). Then she held her hand up to her ear and started talking. She kept telling us "Shhh." We couldn't stop laughing. The little munchkin cracks me up.



kissy face

Kayu's kisses have now been directed towards Oliver at night. After reading books at bedtime, Charlotte runs off to find Oliver to give him a kiss.
Her new favorite phrase "Oh man!"
She now knocks on the door in the morning to let us know that she is awake.


We have been trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into our diet. I just recently picked up the book 'Eat Right for Your Blood Type' and it talks about how I am supposed to avoid chicken. Here are some awesome recipes that I rounded up from pinterest that I am proud to say that I made all by myself.




Charlotte helped me make pancakes this morning. She kept saying "help mommy." Usually it is "Charlotte help daddy" since she knows that he does all the cooking =) When I asked her if she wanted bacon too she said "yah, pancakes, bacon and eggs!" We stuck with just the pancakes and bacon.




Today was a glorious day! The sun was shining and the the wind wasn't overbearing. We spent the morning & early afternoon soaking up the rays on the deck. Charlotte tried to take every toy that she owned out there.

Play-doh on the deck
Fell asleep grocery shopping.
Fell asleep grocery shopping since she didn't get a nap in



Enjoying yogurt on the deck before the sun goes down.


I came down with a terrible cold. When I cough out of control she ask, "Mommy okay?"

She loves to watch Thomas on the iPad. She gets to watch TV when I hop in the shower so now she demands "Mommy go take a shower!"



Almost a year ago today. The pictures resemble each other.

We had to wake up extra early to drop Kayu off at the base. When we got home we snuggled in bed. Someone is a heavy breather like her dad.
Sleeping in mom and dad's bed.

It is hard not to be sad when you little one keeps asking "Where did Daddy go? Why?" I told her that he is at work because he has to make money. She responds "Daddy money."


Ragnar Del Sol

12 Friends. 2 Vans. 2 Days. 1 Night. 200 Mile Relay. Unforgettable Stories.
And we survived it all.

Ragnar del Sol
The entire experience was very surreal. Wake up at the crack of dawn to get to the start line. Wish the first runner off. Cheer him on as he conquers an 8 mile run with winding hills. Wait an incredibly long time in anticipation of your run. Five hours later, run 6.7 miles in the hot desert. Your body hates your for leaving 20 degree windy weather to run in unbearably hot 85 degree weather. Pass off the sweaty slap bracelet to your teammate. Hop into the van dripping in sweat. Roll the windows down in an attempt to not stink up the van. Wait some more. Strap on your head lamp. Run another 6.7 miles in the pitch black while hoping you don't get hit by a truck. Reminisce about your cross country days in the desert. Catch some Z's at a basketball gym surrounded by a hundred runners. Get up two hours later cranky that you didn't get enough sleep. Try to get some sleep in the van. Watch the sunrise across the desert. Run 5.8 miles that might have well have been 6 miles. Rejoice that you are done! Eat pancakes. Get a 5 minute massage. Join your teammates as you cross the finish line. That pretty much sums it up. It was a great experience and we met some wonderful people. That being said, I think this is the last one I will do.


Baby Bear

Happy one moment. Grumpy the next. So unpredictable.