We picked up Grandma Ng from the airport today. It was the cutest thing when C looked up at her grandma spellbound.

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Happy Halloween!

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Mommy debated on getting Charlotte a costume for Halloween since we have to take Aunt Vicki to the airport and pick up Grandma Ng on Halloween. But since it is Mommy's favorite holiday and Daddy had a Halloween party at work....she just couldn't resist! Charlotte was quite the hit there and the commander's wife said she is going to have to include her picture in the newsletter.


7 Weeks Old Today!

BOO! Did she scare you?


Woo Hoo!

Charlotte got a new toy today. If it was up to daddy, Charlotte would be playing in cardboard boxes and paper bags with the kitties. But mommy insisted that it was a must for Charlotte's development.

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Pumkin Seeds, Caramel Apples, & Candy Corn. Oh My!

Look what Charlotte carved! Okay, maybe Daddy helped just a little bit.

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Little Bunny FuFu

Charlotte took a bath with mommy today. She was quite the buoyant baby with that round tummy. Mommy worked on having her kick her legs in the water (teaching swim lessons is now coming handy). Pretty soon she will be doing the backstroke all on her own =)


6 Weeks Old Today!

That's right...our little pumpkin is 6 weeks old. We can't believe it either. And she is tipping the scale at 9lb 4oz!


The good and the bad.

Mommy thought she would post an unhappy picture of Charlotte since after all...this is a blog. And it should include the good, the bad, and the ugly. I tried to tell her that if she kept making faces like this, it would freeze. But she didn't listen!

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Look Dad...No Hands

Charlotte has been working her neck muscles really hard lately trying to steady her big noggin. And she is even working on standing on her own. My she is a fast learner!

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Flower Child

Why is there a flower growing out of my head?

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Snowman Fam

Ms. Charlotte sat in her swing watching out the window as her mommy and daddy braved the cold to make a snowman family. As you can see...baby snowman is on the left, momma snowman is in the middle, and daddy snowman is on the right.

Baby It's Cold Outside

A foot of snow. Can you believe that?! It is only the beginning of October and we have already gotten a foot of snow =( Kayu put on Charlotte's snow outfit this morning. As you can tell, she is swimming in it because it is for a 6 month old. It totally reminds me of the movie "A Christmas Story" when the mom puts Ralphie's brother in that massive snow suit and he can barely move.

Just Call me Dino-Roar-Baby!




Pumpkin Baby

Today was quite the adventurous day for Ms. Charlotte. This morning we went to the farmer's market and got some yummy treats. Then we stopped by Harvest Farm where we got lost in the corn maze, petted the goats, played in the corn kernels, watched piggies race around a track, took a ride on the hay ride, and enjoyed the fresh autumn air.



We celebrated Charlotte turning one month today by eating some ooey gooey butter cake. My mom's good friend Lidia drove here to see the new addition to the fam.