Uncle Ka is the Best!

Charlotte is one spoiled little baby! We got a package in the mail today from Uncle Ka. He sent her all these books with the stuffed animals to go along with them. So when we read her "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" she will be able to play with her stuffed animal at the same time. Thanks Uncle Ka!


Auntie B said...

I love those books! I used to read them all the time to the boys a nannied. (They didn't have the stuffed animals- she IS spoiled!) =)

KNg said...

haha. glad she likes them. or at least i hope she does. meant to get her just the stuffed animals, but that really seemed like spoiling her. so books come with!

Shannon said...

she loves them! we read if you take a mouse to the movies before bedtime and she had her mouse right next to her =)