4 Months Old!

Our little booger is four months old! And I use the term "little booger" in a loving way. She knows what she wants these days, and when she wants it, she wants it NOW. I didn't think four month olds were supposed to have such diva like personalities...but Charlotte sure does. Tomorrow is the 4 month check-up, so we will be posting an update then.

**Update** The doctor said Charlotte is a very healthy baby. She weighs 13lbs 8oz. We thought she would be shooting through the roof on the percentile chart for weight but she was only in the 33rd percentile. She is 24 inches long and has an average sized head.
You know what they say about big heads....big brains =)


KNg said...

lol sneaky sneaky. is little C trying to fill in for one moose friend?

KNg said...

head size looks about par w/ the kitty. def got the mouse friend beat. all thats left is to whack the pig and little C'll be a shoo in to run the show. still no word on one missing moose friend.

Aunt Vicki said...

So, what animal is Charlotte supposed to be???

Shannon said...

A baby monster =)