Turkey Day!

This year we had a low key dinner with just the three of us. I had fully intended on contributing more to the dinner making process, but somehow Kayu ended up doing most of the work. This Thanksgiving was a year of first...Charlotte actually got to partake in eating the Thanksgiving dinner. Last year she was just a wee little babe! Charlotte is showing signs of wanting to become a vegetarian. She only wanted to eat the smashed sweet potatoes. We had to hide the turkey in the potatoes in order for her to eat any.

So much to be thankful for this year...
a beautiful daughter. a wonderful husband. a supportive family. good health. great friends.

Nov 25, 2010


Anonymous said...

gorgeous cozy thanksgiving. love little c's eyes. ive no idea how you guys do it but your turkey looks good enough for a magazine spread. that shiny glaze looks absolutely delicious!

Shannon said...

Wish you guys could have made it to help celebrate!