19 Months Old

Charlotte is 19 months old today...hooray! She has been talking a lot more lately and repeats a lot of words that you say. She has even become a bit more independent and will walk and explore places on her own (usually she likes to be held). Here are some of the things she is up to....
* She loves closing bedroom doors
* She has discovered splashing in the bathtub and makes big waves in there
* She can say her name now =)
* She constantly plays peek-a-boo...she is a little attention hog
* She can say "one" and holds up one finger. We are still working on the rest of the numbers
* We have started implementing time outs on the stairs since she recently starting acting out and hitting
* "No" is the word of the month




jujubeetleb said...

Baby Fashionista!

Anonymous said...

happy 19th month C! =)

request for video of her saying one and holding up one finger please? rest of the numbers are welcome to join. i think weve had the pleasure of seeing her play peek a boo with daddy and asking for a time out vid just seems cruel.

cant figure out which pic looks cuter, so both are true winners. shannon, you and C make a fearsome team. i feel bad for daddy.