21 Months Old

The latest and greatest....
  • When you sneeze she say "bless you" She even does it when Fergi sneezes
  • If she sees a picture of herself, she points and says "baby"
  • She likes to pretend play...feeding her baby and playing with dishes
  • Shoes are a thing of the past. The moment she gets in the car, they are off of her feet
  • When she blows kisses she makes a smooching sound
  • She shrugs her shoulders a lot when you ask her a question
  • She seems to enjoy spicy food. She kept dipping her chip into salsa at a Mexican restaurant. Even I thought it was spicy but I guess that doesn't say much
  • She likes to lay on the stairs
  • She calls her blankie "dee dee"
  • If you ask her what color something is she always responds "blue"


Too cool for school.


Grandma Phillips said...

One of Grandma Phillips favorite colors -blue. Little movie star with sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

+1 for paying attention to puppy sneezes!

happy 21st month C =)

LEGraham937 said...

Samuel says every color is blue too! LOL!