October...month of pumpkin goodness 3

I have always wanted to make whoopie pies. I picked up this book from the library and since we have containers full of pumpkin puree (from when Kayu made the real stuff), I decided to make the pumpkin whoopie with the classic buttercream filling. I might have gone a little overboard and made the cakes a little too big. Next on my list...macaroons.



Anonymous said...

youre right, these look quite plump. ive no idea how real whoopie pies look though, so id love them just the same bc they do look delicious! cant help but imagine little chocolate chip eyes on each and every one tho. buttercream filling to stick them on!

MOM said...

They look yummy! I bet your house smelled good when you were baking them. Whoopie pies are a lot flatter. These look like sliders.