Colder Bolder

There is something so euphoric about going to a running event and being surrounded by the awesome energy in the room. Reminds me of my old cross country days. On Saturday Kayu and I ran in a 5K in Boulder. We met up with our friends that used to live in Cheyenne but moved down to Colorado Springs. Susannah was sweet enough to watch Charlotte for us while we ran the race. With a chilly 15 degrees and the snow blowing, the Colder Bolder lived up to its name. We had a great time running in the race and for the record, I beat Kayu =) He has challenged me to another 5K due to his competitive side. The last time we ran a race together was in 2005 in the Reindeer run in Troy, MI when he beat me.

Stretching before the race.
Post race.
The girls at lunch. They are both growing their bangs out.

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Anonymous said...

colder bolder, reindeer run. i like those names. very festive. did kayu win a pair of antlers in 05?