Made with love

I have seen these patterned onesies on Etsy and I always think to myself "Why would anybody buy those? They would be so easy to make." WRONG. I am going to a baby shower this weekend and thought it would be fun to make some. I think I need to go back to home economics class so I can practice maneuvering around all the curves. Secondly, do you know how difficult it is to sew a tiny piece of clothing without stitching the front and back together? They are complete and they look cute from afar. When my friend opens them at her baby shower, I will just have to make sure she knows that they are made with lots of love. It is the thought that counts, right?



Anonymous said...

the wonders that you do shannon. i especially like the dinosaur. very creative, very cute.

Mom said...

NIce job! I like the dinosaur, too