Bucket List

I checked two off my list in January.

1. Rent an RV and drive cross country
2. Go to the Austrailian Outback
3. Go on a safari in Africa
4. Go dog sledding in Alaska
5. Run a marathon

6. Go on a cruise
7. See the Great Wall of China
8. Buy a lake house in Northern MI
9. Climb one of the fourteeners in CO
10. Go on a hot air balloon ride
11.. Vacation in Hawaii

12. Take surfing lessons
13. Swim with dolphins
14. Go to the filming of the Price is Right
15. Get a masters degree
16. Travel by train in the U.S.
17. Go snowmobiling in Yellowstone
18. Stay the night in a tree house
19. Take a karate class
20. Learn to play the guitar
21. Go to a Broadway play in NYC
22. Ride on a helicopter

23. Go skydiving
24. Drive down Route 66
25. Milk a cow
26. Rent a vacation home in Martha's Vineyard
27. Participate in Oktoberfest
28. Go to Brazilian Carnival
29. Sew a piece of clothing from scratch
30. Create a family tree/history
31. Go on a yoga retreat
32. Become a certified aerobics instructor
33. Be a contestant in the Amazing Race
34. Go to the Kentucky Derby and wear an obnoxiously big hat
35. Become a Duela
36. Look nerdy riding a segway
37. Learn to scuba dive
38. Take flying lessons
39. Become a vegan for a week
40. Take a cross country bicycle ride (inspired by the Elenz family)
41. Go backpacking through Europe
42. Volunteer in a foreign country
43. Visit a bee farm
44. Go ice climbing
45. Hike the Grand Canyon
46. Qualify for the Boston Marathon
47. Get in amazing shape and compete in a fitness competition
48. Participate in a Tougher Mudder competition
49. Run at Mt. Sac as an adult
50. Take trapeze lessons


Anonymous said...

this is an awesome list, and youve some big things crossed off alrdy. crazy.

#4, #17 and #48 - pls let me know if you have room for one when those events come up!

Anna said...

^ I agree - awesome bucket list, cuz!