May & June in Review

* We celebrated our last Cinco de Mayo with our great friends Karen, Joel, Piper, and Cooper.  It was a great tradition going strong for 2 years.
* Kayu arrived home with a week and a half to spare before we journeyed off to Alabama.  We made a quick weekend trip to Boulder one last time.
* The movers came and packed up our house.  We were sad to say goodbye since it was the house we brought Charlotte home to after she was born.
* With boxes, cats, and toddler in tow, we drove to Michigan to spend a week with family.  The timing worked out so we could spend Memorial day with the fam.
* Charlotte stayed at Gama and Gampa camp while we drove to Alabama.  She had a great time having a sleep over with AV, UB, and Samantha.  She spent most of her days playing with Gwen, coloring, doodling with chalk, and her all time favorite-- blowing bubbles.
* AJ flew Charlotte out to Florida.  She had a blast flying and even got some Delta wings.
* While at school (and the surrounding areas), we have gotten to reunite with some of our great friends....Abigail, Tomo, Cooper, Kyle, Dave, Breanne, Matilda, Dick, Leona, and Pooja


Anonymous said...

too much cute in one collage. i try to focus on one or two pics each week. it helps pass the days. hope you guys are enjoying the hop skip around the states!

Breanne said...

Love it! (side note- I think I always ask you these photo questions, but what do you use to make those collages? :)