July in Review

* We made a number of trips to Niceville/Destin to hang out with the Ono family. On the 4th of July we went paddle boarding. Abby and I spotted some sting rays below us when we were boarding. We also saw a pelican that looked like a statue on one of the buoys. * We rented a boat on Lake Martin and took the kids tubing. Cooper found it so calming that he fell asleep on the raft. * We explored Montgomery and found the Museum of Fine Arts. There was also a nearby pond that had turtles and ducks that liked to compete for food. * We celebrated Cooper's 3rd birthday! We felt very lucky to spend two months with our wonderful friends. * Squadron Officer School ended and we started our journey to the west coast. Charlotte and I stopped in Louisiana to see our previous neighbors. Then we stopped in Dallas to pick up my brave Aunt Jackie who drove the rest of the way with us. On the way, we stopped in Albuquerque and the Grand Canyon.

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