i'mmm back

I took a small hiatus while I was busy trying to keep kitties from scratching toddlers, growing a garden, and trying to convince my husband that backyard chickens are a fabulous idea.  Sadly I have only succeeded at growing my indoor garden {California is great because unlike WY,  you don't have to worry about massive hail storms and 90 mph winds destroying your vegetables}

Charlotte has been talking up a storm lately and I have been terrible about writing stuff down.  Here are a few tid bits that I can remember....

Me: Where do you live?
C: Califunga

Me: Where is Daddy?
C: Afnanistan

C: Are you married?
Me: Yep
C: Oh. That's cute!

Lastly, elevators are commonly referred to as "alligators" and smoothie sounds more like "smovie."

And she is out

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Anonymous said...

i want to help you get those backyard chickens into the mix... then i can visit califunga and enjoy a smovie? C's world sounds many times over more fun than the real world.