First Movie

We took C to the movie theater for the first time last week to see Toy Story 3. Something about it being on base made me feel better about taking a fussy ten month old there. Sure enough, when we arrived, there was a ton of little hellions (I mean precious kids) running around the theater which eased my fears a little more. Charlotte enjoyed the five minute mini pixar movie and then her ADD kicked in. She was grabbing peoples stuff in the front of us and squirming around on my lap. I finally took her to the back of the theater where she proceeded to climb the stairs to get to the lighted steps. Most of the babies were fast asleep in their mothers arms but not this baby. It might be a couple of years before we go to the movies with Miss Charlotte again.



Anonymous said...

she would love despicable me!

Susannah Sanders said...

So funny! I feel the same when I take Payton in public!