11 Months Old!

So putting food in front of a baby that spells a word and hoping that she won't mess with it is ludicrous. I thought maybe, just maybe, she would sit there and look cute so I could get a good 11 month picture. Who was I kidding?

Charlotte is always on the go now! She figured out how to pull herself to a stand. Last night I heard some commotion in her room after I put her down to bed. I didn't think anything of it. I went in later to check on her and her sleeping face was being illuminated by the baby monitor. She managed to pull it into her crib from the night stand. Next thing you know, she will be pulling the cats into the crib with her.

Charlotte is quite the talker now too. She mostly sings "mamamamama." If you try and get her to say "dada" she responds with "mamamama." I think it is rather funny. Kayu does not =)


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Anonymous said...

happy birthday little c!