Pumpkin Picking

Our veggie share had a thing this weekend that if you went down to the farm, you could get a free pumpkin. And anyone that knows me knows that I love anything that is free! So after a morning of chillaxing and eating some scrumptious pumpkin waffles, we headed down to Wellington and set out to find our "Great Pumpkin." Charlotte boarded her radio flyer and we hit the bumpy terrain.Not after long, we found a great sized fat pumpkin.

I told Kayu to plop C on top of one of the pumpkins to get a picture. Luckily Kayu looked first, because there was a massive spider hanging out on the pumpkin. Eeek!


While on the lookout for a second pumpkin, drops of rain scattered around us. We decided to be troopers and keep looking around. Not more than a few minutes later, a torrential downpour came down. We grabbed a pumpkin and booked it back to the car. Poor C had her head in the nook of my arm to try avoiding the soaking rain. If I wasn't afraid of getting my camera wet, I would have gotten some pictures of our crazy family running around in the rain to get the perfect pumpkin.



Anonymous said...

little C belongs in her own charlie brown halloween special

Maddox said...

That spider is NASTY...looks like it is full of little baby spiders... eew.

Anna said...

I thought that spider was a Tazmanian Devil-like sticker before I read it is real. *shudder*

On another note, lil C is so fashionable. I'm jealous!