15 Months Old

My baby is not longer a baby anymore! Here are some fun things she is doing these days...

* She holds her shoes and socks up to her feet to try putting them on
* She also tries putting her hat on her head. When you do it for her, she automatically rips it off
* She loves getting her teeth brushed. Probably because of the berry flavored toothpaste. When you set her on the counter and grab her toothbrush she grabs the toothpaste
* She says "night night" before bed time and reaches out for kisses
* She loves riding around on her tricycle and KaiLan car. She just learned how to get on and off of it by herself
* She throws her stuffed animals out of her crib in the mornings if we don't get her quickly enough
* She is showing signs of becoming a vegetarian. She has been anti-meat lately
* When she is fussy, food is the ultimate answer
* When she wants you to do something, she grabs your hand to let you know she wants you to do it


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Anonymous said...

pics of her on her tricycle and in her kailan car please. love that shes going places! and i cant figure out what a kailan car looks like...