HO! ho! HO!

Santa payed a little visit to the Ng house. He was a little skimpy on the presents this year...something about Charlotte being too young and not really getting it.

Unfortunately, we made the mistake of flying home from Michigan Christmas day so we were all a little cranky and tired from the flight. It wasn't quite the same since we didn't wake up in our house to find presents under the tree. Charlotte still seemed to enjoy herself though. She got the hang of ripping open the wrapping paper quickly. This year Santa brought her a doll house, a sports pack with a football, basketball, and soccer ball, slippers, and some stocking goodies. I think her favorite was the doll house. She likes to walk around with the little people and animals and clank them together. She also likes to flip the bed upside down and carry the people in it.




Anonymous said...

she looks so adorable in that dress. its so poofy! then you look at them little cheeks and maybe its not so poofy after all...

Anonymous said...

I don't remember asking Santa for these slippers