18 Months Old!

Charlotte is 18 months old today! She is known at daycare for all of the crazy faces that she makes. Here are some of the things she is up to these days...
* She will actually sit through an entire book. She loves to be read to and is constantly bringing books to you
* Her teacher tells us that she is the best eater in her class. Somehow she remains so petite...must be the good Asian genes
* The kids at daycare like to wave and say hi to her. She walks on by like she doesn't even know them
* She is getting good at throwing her ball

* Everything is "daddy" now. Even when she sees mommy she says "daddy!"
* She loves to dance. She will go over to the CD player and point to it so we turn the music on
* Her baby jumper is out and she wants to get in it all the time. The other day she carried her stool over to it and tried to climb in

Playing at the playground
In La-La Land
Checking out the ducks


Anonymous said...

happy 18 month C! ducks are the best. what a gorgeous setting.

and +1 for her love of books!

Grandma Phillips said...

What a cute smile!