20 Months Old

It is hard to believe how fast the time goes. Charlotte is already 20 months! She has started talking a lot more lately, even if it is gibberish with a few real words thrown in. I haven't been good about keeping track of the new things she does this month, but here is what I can remember...
* She mimics me a lot lately...like when I am putting on my make up. She will move her hands in the same motions that I do.
* She seems to have a little imagination. She plays with her dolly and pretends to feed her.
* She points to all the pictures in the house and says "daddy." We can't wait to have him back home.
* She says "baby" and points when she sees an infant. She even calls herself a baby when she sees a picture of herself.
* Her new dance move is the shoulder shrug.

Sweet treat.

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Anonymous said...

chomp chomp save a bite for daddy when he gets home? cant imagine they have such delicious treats where hes at.