22 Months

The latest and greatest...
  • She says "ready, set, go"
  • She mimics us cleaning
  • She has started combining words like "more please"
  • When she wants to (key words...when she wants to), she can repeat the number 1 through 5 in Chinese with Daddy
  • When we try counting with her and she doesn't want to, she with say "no!" after every number
  • She hates taking baths now (might have to do with her stressed out parents worried about getting water in her ears with the tubes)
  • She loves leaves and flowers (which sounds more like firefly)
  • She loves putting on grown-up shoes
  • She pats a spot on the couch and says "sit, sit!"

Ready for camping.


Anonymous said...

happy 22 c!

vid of her on the couch offering a sit sit please? haha shes so adorable.

A Vicki said...

Love the sunglasses