Today was an exciting day in the Ng household. Charlotte went pee in the potty! She was taking a bath and she pointed to her little potty chair. Kayu dried her off and she sat on her potty. A minute later she shook her hands signing all done. She got up and to our amazement she had peed. She got lots of high fives and three M&M's. Lately she doesn't like being in a wet diaper and she says "diaper" which we previously thought she was saying "apple." Hopefully she will continue being a big girl.


Grandma Phillips said...

Congrats Charlotte!
Mommy got to hold a HELLO KITTY DOLL when she was potty training.
Thank goodness for Great Gma!! (for training Mommy)

Skerrib said...

Must be going around--Rory's been working on going in the potty too! Way to go Charlotte!!

Anonymous said...

lol lots of high fives and three M&Ms. i like the ng household!

Shannon said...

Kerri- haha. I am a big fan of the "potty bug." No more diapers = happy mommas.