Tricks and Treats

Let me preface this by saying that Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. We used to go all out decorating when I was kid. I still remember the snickers and milkyway ghosts and pumpkins that we used to set out. I love Halloween for the decorations, the little kids romping around in their costumes, and the fresh cool fall air.

This year we had some friends over to decorate Halloween cookies. Their attention spans lasted a whole five minutes...but that was to be expected. It went a little something like this: Mom spreads frosting on the cookie, toddler dumps an exuberant amount of sprinkles on the cookie, toddler eats two bites out of the cookie, toddler goes for the frosting.

Halloween party.

Frosting monster.

On Halloween day we went over to the Urbansky's and had some more Halloween treats. Then we went on base to get our trick or treating on. Charlotte wasn't a fan of walking to the doorsteps...or course she had to be carried. But she sure did enjoy the chocolate, the puppies running around in costumes, and the lollipops.



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Grandma Phillips said...

Love the costumes!!! Charlotte is smart not to walk, Happy Halloween!