August in Review

* We finished the last leg of our trip visiting my sister in L.A. We spent the day relaxing on the roof side of the W hotel. One of her kind friends offered to let us hang out at the pool. I could get used to the luxurious life. The cupcake ATM was among the must stops. Charlotte and I shared a delicious strawberry cupcake (pink of course!) * We finally arrived to our new house and the unpacking began. My aunt went straight to work painting. I had envisioned stripes in Charlotte's room and through trial and error (and lots hand cramps from holding the laser), my aunt and I mastered the art of painting stripes. * We are thoroughly enjoying our new house. The backyard is full of flowers and life. So far we have spotted a praying mantis, a humming bird, and little lizards that pile up in the pond enclosure. * Kayu and I did a quick high five changeover. We saw each other for three days and then I ventured down to central California for training. It has been fun reminiscing about my time here 6 years ago and catching up with old friends.

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