In my infinite wisdom, I thought stripes would be a fun way to paint Charlotte's room.  After shaky hands (from trying to hold the laser straight) and mounds of tape later, I now think otherwise.  Through trial and error, my Aunt Jackie and I found out the hard way how to paint the perfect stripe.  You see, most walls are textured and paint tends to seep under the tape.  The best way to paint stripes is to tape the lines.  Then on the areas that you plan on painting color, you must take the white paint and create a seal on the tape by painting on top on tape and on the wall.  This prevents the color paint from seeping through and creating uneven lines.  Once the white paint dries, you can paint the colored stripes.  The trick is to remove the tape while the paint is still wet.

IMG_20120804_223456 IMG_20120805_013209 C'sroom2
The finished product

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