C: Give me a big hug
C: That wasn't a big hug. You didn't squeeze me

C: Smell my hair (after taking a bath). Does it smell like strawberries?

C: Grandma do you like cats?
Grandma Ng: No cats. Cats no good 
(C laughs hysterically and the same conversation repeats itself)

C: I have a brother and sister.  They are at my new house.
Mommy: So where is this new house?
C: Right behind your house.  But you can't go there.

Daddy: Eat your dinner.
C: Maybe I will do that tomorrow

(After C drew the body of a butterfly)
Mommy: Are you going to draw the wings
C: No, I will do that tomorrow

Everything is about tomorrow these days...

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Anonymous said...

C sure knows a thing or 2 about a proper hug.