Pimp my chicken coop

I was getting worried because the chickens were getting bigger and they had no real home besides the roosting cardboard box in the garage.  The ornery chickens had also figured out how to jump on the rim of the box.  I had found a coop with a garden top that I had liked in a magazine so I asked Kayu to sketch up some plans.  Well my genius husband found the exact coop that I wanted with plans in a book at barnes and noble.  So I did what any cheap girl would do, I sat at barnes and noble and took pictures of the plans.  Twenty-five pictures and a couple of stares from the employee later and I was ready to build a coop.  My aunt and cousin stepped up to the plate and agreed (well I don't know that Kelly really knew what she was getting into) to help me build it.  I felt rather empowered after the coop was built that we were able to complete the project all by ourselves.  Kayu joked that it was "made by girls for girls."  I only wish I had gotten a picture of the 3 of us after with power tools in hand.






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Anonymous said...

wow, that coop was from scratch? i thought it was from a kit. that's awesome!