The Big Apple: Day Four

This morning we took the bus to the city! Charlotte was fascinated by all the cars and buses passing by out the big window. Once we arrived in the city, we were greeted by buckets and buckets of rain. Of course the one day we decide to go in the city...it decides to rain. Charlotte seemed to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city life even if it was raining. We arrived at Dhaba, a quaint Indian restaurant and met up with my college roommate Christine. They had a buffet so we loaded up on mouth watering Indian food...mmm. Charlotte had some naan, peas, chicken, and what I thought was tofu but was actually cheese. While wandering the streets I spotted a cupcake cafe and had to stop since I have this new obsession with cupcakes. We had a delicious mocha cupcake and even let Charlotte have a little nibble. Then we headed to Toys R Us to ride the ferris wheel. Seconds after walking into the store, Charlotte passed out. She must have been overwhelmed by all the toys there =)





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Anna said...

I believe I am experiencing separation withdrawal with C being back in Wyoming. Come back, sweet pea! *poke*