Check Up

We received a one year check-up questionnaire that we are supposed to fill out before Charlotte's one year appointment. One of the question asks....After she watches you hide a small toy under a piece of paper or cloth, does your baby find it? We tried this activity to see what Charlotte would do. Kayu placed a toy under a piece of fabric and what did Charlotte do? She grabbed the piece of fabric and gleamed like she won the lottery. And what did Kayu do? He shook his head in disappointment. A couple of tries later she finally picked up the toy and her dad loved her again. I told Charlotte that she is Asian and she is supposed to be smart. Kayu's response....she is only HALF Asian...the other half is blonde. Sorry to ruin your smart genes Charlotte.



Anonymous said...

lol love this post! and at least shes got 1up on the cat?

Abigail said...

I don't see what the issue is...she did find the toy the first try! It didn't ask if she PICKED IT UP after finding it. She removed the cloth and thus found the toy. Haha...it's ok Charlotte, I love you!

Laura said...

So funny! BTW, I love your cat toy - hilarious!