What can C do?

Charlotte is now into....

* Chasing the cats around and trying to pounce on them. Usually they are too fast for her.
* Standing for a few seconds on her own. She is getting more and more confident.
* Giving big open mouthed slobbery kisses.
* Shaking her little booty and dancing.
* Sticking her tongue out. Brandy says that Abigail does it all the time...so I am guessing that is where she gets it from.
* Putting food in her mouth and then spitting it out to look at it.
* Throwing a fit when she can't have her way. She usually rips something out of my hand if I tell her she can't have it.
* Sitting on Fergi's dog bed
* Climbing up the stairs and scooting off the couch by herself

* I forgot to add that she likes to sing. When the radio is playing, she softly babbles to herself. It is really cute.
* Today she saw me throwing a ball in the air. Her way of throwing is putting her hand straight up in the air and letting the ball go.


Anonymous said...

she is a work of art.

Anna said...

Bahaha, aw poor Oliver looks so awkwardly alarmed.