Happy Birthday Sweet Baby

It is hard to fathom that Charlotte is a one year old today. It seems like just yesterday that they handed me my petite baby girl. Kayu and I must have looked at each other and thought what do we do now with this little being that is now ours. It is crazy to think back to all the obstacles that we faced as parents. From the trials of breastfeeding, to the scare of jaundice and Charlotte being hooked up to I.V's, to being away from the munchkin due to work...I look back fondly at all the hard times and am proud to say that we all survived!

My scrawny chicken legged baby is now a chub-a-wub that is full of adorable giggles. She is a little spunky baby that know what she wants in life.

Happy Birthday Charlotte Lian Ng. Thank you for bringing such an overwhelming amount of joy into our lives. We love you so very much.


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Anonymous said...

happy 1st birthday little C =) you are amazing.