What can C do?

Charlotte is now into....

* Chasing the cats around and trying to pounce on them. Usually they are too fast for her.
* Standing for a few seconds on her own. She is getting more and more confident.
* Giving big open mouthed slobbery kisses.
* Shaking her little booty and dancing.
* Sticking her tongue out. Brandy says that Abigail does it all the time...so I am guessing that is where she gets it from.
* Putting food in her mouth and then spitting it out to look at it.
* Throwing a fit when she can't have her way. She usually rips something out of my hand if I tell her she can't have it.
* Sitting on Fergi's dog bed
* Climbing up the stairs and scooting off the couch by herself

* I forgot to add that she likes to sing. When the radio is playing, she softly babbles to herself. It is really cute.
* Today she saw me throwing a ball in the air. Her way of throwing is putting her hand straight up in the air and letting the ball go.


Bye Bye BaBa?

Stubborn like her Mommy, Charlotte has given us a lot of issues with drinking her bottles. Around 8 months she decided she wanted nothing to do with the bottle and refused to drink more than ounce at a time. It was like pulling teeth just to get her to drink it. She also never wanted to hold her bottle on her own even though she was fully capable of doing so. As soon as she realized she had her chubby hands wrapped around it and no one was holding it for her, she would immediately drop it. Now Charlotte loves her bottles. She drinks 5 ounces at a time and thinks she is a cool kid holding her own bottle and playing with it. Slight problemo. We had planned on weaning her from the bottle at a year old and switching her completely to sippy cups. But now that she looks so cute holding her own bottle, I don't know if I want her to stop drinking out of her bottle =(



Check Up

We received a one year check-up questionnaire that we are supposed to fill out before Charlotte's one year appointment. One of the question asks....After she watches you hide a small toy under a piece of paper or cloth, does your baby find it? We tried this activity to see what Charlotte would do. Kayu placed a toy under a piece of fabric and what did Charlotte do? She grabbed the piece of fabric and gleamed like she won the lottery. And what did Kayu do? He shook his head in disappointment. A couple of tries later she finally picked up the toy and her dad loved her again. I told Charlotte that she is Asian and she is supposed to be smart. Kayu's response....she is only HALF Asian...the other half is blonde. Sorry to ruin your smart genes Charlotte.



Happy Birthday Sweet Baby

It is hard to fathom that Charlotte is a one year old today. It seems like just yesterday that they handed me my petite baby girl. Kayu and I must have looked at each other and thought what do we do now with this little being that is now ours. It is crazy to think back to all the obstacles that we faced as parents. From the trials of breastfeeding, to the scare of jaundice and Charlotte being hooked up to I.V's, to being away from the munchkin due to work...I look back fondly at all the hard times and am proud to say that we all survived!

My scrawny chicken legged baby is now a chub-a-wub that is full of adorable giggles. She is a little spunky baby that know what she wants in life.

Happy Birthday Charlotte Lian Ng. Thank you for bringing such an overwhelming amount of joy into our lives. We love you so very much.