16 Months Old

Time sure does fly when you are having fun. Charlotte turned 16 months today and her personality has just exploded. Here is what she is up to these days...
- She puts her hand up to her mouth like she thinks something is funny
- She spins around in circles like she is dancing
- She has learned how to sign from day care. She now signs for more, eat, and all done.
- She puts out her pointer finger and rotates it like she is chastising you
- She likes to carry around objects that are way too heavy for her
- She pulls out her collapsible tunnel from the side of the couch and wants us to expand it so she can play in it
- She is working on her 7th and 8th tooth. We never thought she was going to get anymore!
- She waves her hands simultaneously while dancing
- She has discovered the wonders of M&M's
- She cal pull out Daddy's credit cards from his wallet faster than a pick pocketer


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Anonymous said...

happy 16th month little C! =) turning out to be quite the talented charm. is daddy having nightmares already having seen a glimpse of things to come? shes such determination in those beautiful eyes. poor daddy. must be pudding when she works him over.

i see the trees still up! if you can keep it up for just a few more days, santas about to make an illegal u-turn and prob risk a ticket or two to drop off a last gift or two hes got for charlotte. shes such a cutie christmasll never end for her!