More Presents!

We got a box in the mail the other day from Kayu's parents and brother. There was lots of fun goodies for Charlotte. Uncle Ka must have gone a little crazy in Barnes and Nobles because he doubled Charlotte's book collection =) He got her lots of fun squishy books and some finger puppet books which she adores. Her favorite book is 'Five Little Ladybugs' and he got her the book and the finger puppet ladybugs to go along with. Grandma and Grandpa Ng got her a red jacket (Grandma Ng's favorite color), some new shirts, and a jade ox necklace which she loves to look down and stare at. Thank you for all the wonderful presents!




Anonymous said...

haha glad she likes all her presents! it was a three man job to wrap all those books. it took awhile but it had to be done. didnt hurt that i was stranded in queens for a week. i like the dinosaur finger puppets! maybe shell come around and agree. if not well have farm animals team up and tickle her til she gives in. she looks so cute in each picture. definitely best holiday ever, even into the next month!

Grandma Phillips said...

Look at all the books

Love the pink outift.