Water Baby

For the past three weeks, we have gone to the pool at least once a week. Charlotte seems to really enjoy it, but I don't think it is because of the water. It is because she likes to people watch. We continually call her name to get her attention but she is so enthralled by the other kids splashing around that she doesn't even bat an eye. Today she was particularly interested in the big slide they have there. Kayu and I debated taking her down it for fear that she would freak out and never forgive us. After going back and fourth about it, we finally decided to take her down. And she loved it! She would cover her mouth going down as if she was surprised and giggle the whole way down. Then she would let out a big grin when we got to the bottom and saw daddy. I took her down three times in a row until her poor toes and hands turned blue. Then we would hang out in the wading pool to warm up and go back for some more.


Anonymous said...

fearless. what a bundle of joy. capture the scene as shes coming down the slide? words alone sound priceless. cant imagine the treasure a photo would be.

Grandma Phillips said...

Where's the pictures?